We are more than a store. We are your new home for community, enrichment, and recycled high-end kids fashion. You become a member of our club immediately upon entering our doors.

We offer an exceptional collection of curated gently loved clothing for children up to five years old.  What sets Clubhouse Exchange apart, is our assembled outfits, making it easier for customers to choose the right style for their little ones.  We came up with two reasonable rates…$15 and $25.  This novel method makes children’s unique, couture clothing more widely accessible to and economical for any budget.

Clubhouse Exchange also offers a membership program comprised of dedicated zones for parents, caregivers and children, allowing for a safe, fun and enticing work/play environment.  We offer a monthly membership and drop-in day rates.

The Adults Zone, provides moms, dads, nannies, grandparents and whomever else is accompanying your child the opportunity to work/relax in a quiet, tranquil space complete with complimentary WIFI, refreshments, aromatherapy, and a comfortable shared work space.

While you relax, work and socialize, your child can play in our exciting Kids Zone under the supervision of an accredited child facilitator.  The Kids Zone features an imaginative selection of revolving educational toys conducive to an interactive and engaging age appropriate play.  It also serves as a harmonious and intimate class space for children, parents, and caregivers.

Clubhouse Exchange also features unique and informative classes for both children and adults.  Through the interplay of music, art, yoga and meditation, our classes teach children about kindness, patience and concern for their environment. Furthermore, Clubhouse Exchange affords parents the occasion to promote tolerance and social responsibility from a very young age, in a calm setting.

We are most proud of the way that we have created a store that solves many of the problems we personally have encountered as moms.  We have provided a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for shopping for and “outfitting” your child.  In addition to saving you money, Clubhouse Exchange provides an ecologically responsible alternative to our “fast fashion culture.”  By repurposing almost-new clothing it helps to reduce the size of our increasing landfills.  This business model further provides a teaching moment to demonstrate the value of what it means to be environmentally conscious.

We are also proud of the way that we have created a modern way for moms, dads and caregivers to support each other in a cost-effective way.  One of our main goals is to be a catalyst for community; a place where families come together to share experiences, knowledge and form long lasting friendships.  There is no business quite like Clubhouse Exchange.  We have designed our space to reflect the core elements of our novel business model.