First Time Moms Group

Fridays, 10-11:30am

You’ve had the baby, now what? Navigating the physical and emotional ups and downs of having two children can be challenging. Join other moms with similar age second babies to learn strategies for coping and making life with two more manageable. Weekly discussions include the transition from one to two, engaging cooperation from your toddler, developmental milestones, parenting with your partner and other topics of interest all while bonding with other women in a warm and supportive environment

And Baby Makes 4…(Second Time Moms Group)

Thursdays, 12-1:30pm

The happiness and love that you felt with the birth of your first child was beyond anything you could have imagined, and now the anticipation grows as you prepare for your second child. You’ve got pregnancy and childbirth down, but what about preparing your older child and helping them understand the changes that are about to take place? Tips and techniques for making the adjustment from one to two will be covered, along with things to do before the baby comes and suggestions for learning to manage your own expectations with the arrival of the new baby.

Working Moms

Saturdays, 10-11:30am (meets twice per month)

There’s no secret recipe to balancing work and motherhood. The first year is already a tough one and for many women, the challenge of going back to work may simply compound those issues. Our working mom’s group is designed to help you navigate the ups and downs that come with returning to work and offer a place to gather with other moms who understand what you are experiencing. Twice monthly groups allow moms a place to share ideas for making the balancing act work, while finding support and friendship. Each session will include a specific topic, an open forum discussion, Q&A and song time with baby. Our philosophy is there is no right way to parent. Our goal is to provide you with tips and strategies for your parenting tool box and help you find confidence in your parenting skills and choices.

Teacher – Synthia Praglin, M.A., J.D., CPE, CIMI holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development. She is a Certified Parent Educator, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and is currently working towards a Certification in Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Synthia has led parenting groups for over 15 years, working from an attachment based model emphasizing the importance of nurturing the connection between parent and child to form secure and trusting relationships. Synthia strongly believes there is no “right” way and strives to empower parents to find the best fit for their family. Her goal is to provide tools for your parenting “tool box”, while helping you develop confidence in your parenting skills and choices. Synthia currently offers group parenting classes for new moms, second time moms, working moms, and daddy & me. Infant massage workshops, sleep workshops and private consultations are also available.

Parent & Me Yoga

Mondays, 3-3:45pm

Join Miss Jess for an imaginative and engaging yoga class geared toward introducing your toddler to yoga. We’ll explore all sorts of fun yoga poses and yoga games, as well as age appropriate breathing techniques and meditations. Partner poses and a true feeling of connection are an integral component of this parent and me class. We will move our bodies, sing, dance and PLAY YOGA!

Kids Yoga

Mondays, 4-4:45pm

Drop your littles off with Miss Jess and have some time to yourself while your kiddos enjoy ​y​oga class! This class is a wonderful introduction to the world of yoga, starting your ​child on their yoga journey at an early age. We’ll explore all sorts of fun yoga poses and yoga games, as well as age appropriate breathing techniques and meditations. We will move our bodies, sing, dance and PLAY YOGA! We’ll have lots of fun as we adventure together learning how to keep our bodies healthy, our hearts happy, and our brains calm.
Drop Off Class. Ages ​4-​6​

Teacher – Jessica Jablonski, I have forever enjoyed working with children, their energy, enthusiasm and pure love is a gift. Certified through Light on Lotus, YogaBuddies and YogaWorks, I am so grateful to be able to inspire through the practice of yoga. My classes are playful, filled with laughter, self expression and mindfulness. I strive to bring awareness, connection and confidence to my kids (and their families!) Yoga is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, providing them with tools they will use for the rest of their lives. No matter how old, students will gain internal and external strength, flexibility and balance. One of my students once said to me “Yoga Peaces Me,” it basically sums up my intention for every class and I’m thrilled to bring this peace to Clubhouse Exchange!

Music and Language Circle with Sandra

Thursdays, 3:30pm-4:30pm

Music and Language Circle is a fun interactive music class with a focus on precursors of language development, such as basic concepts, auditory processing / short term memory and sequencing while also developing rhythm skills. Sing along to favorite children’s songs and original tunes in Spanish and English; we even make up our own songs based on the interest and creativity of the children. Play along with shakers and join the drum circle! Most of all, come and have some fun! After all, we play music!

Sandra Sandia, has a Master’s degree in Speech and Language development and an Energy Healing certificate. She performs throughout the Los Angeles area at various venues, such as the public libraries, outdoor festivals, theaters and concert venues. Her Spanish debut CD, “Sandra Sandia” contains original tunes in Spanish. Her CD was on the nominations’ list under Children’s Category, at the 2010 Latin Grammy’s. Sandra is also part of “Samba da Mudanca”, an LA based Samba School, under the direction of Ali Lexa, and parades at various festivals. Samba da Mudanca and Sandra Sandia collaborate to kick off the Abbott Kinney Street Festival Family Parade each year.

Books & Brushes

Time, TBD

A class curriculum created exclusively for the Clubhouse Exchange, Books & Brushes aims to channel our littles’ intellectual and artistic imaginations. With inspiration from NYT bestselling children’s books, kids will use up cycled materials to explore and experience the creation of their very own pieces of art. An 8 week program, each class will see the use of new materials culminating in the creation of a book designed and illustrated by your child, sure to top the Bestseller list in your home.

Teacher – Allyson Haas, Though missing the “butcher” title, Allyson fancies herself a baker, a creator and an artisanal ice cream maker. The founder of both the 95th Street Bakery and United Scoops of America, Allyson creates unique and delicious treats in her home kitchen. She also created the Pacific View Preschool for art, science, language and enrichment for her soon to be 6 year old son. Outside of her domicile, you can find her chasing her mini around LA, attempting to get her children’s books published, teaching art and cooking classes to kids and trying to change the word one kind deed at a time. Follow her on Instagram at @allysonhillary and @365waystogood.

Lets Have Fun with Music

Wednesdays, 1-2pm

We will sing, play percussion instruments, do a little group drumming and engage in some finger plays, during this lively and fun class.

Laugh for the Health of it

Wednesdays, 2-3pm

Smiles, giggles and laughter will flow easily through a combination of clapping, breathing, movement and laughter exercises. Some of the exercises will involve moving around in a group; other exercises will be done seated and even lying down during our laughter meditation time.

Kim Selbert was also the facilitator of the Santa Monica Laughter Club that ran for 2 1/2 years at Shakti’s Elements as well as the leader of other community laughter clubs for adults on the Westside of Los Angeles. Kim Selbert is a Holistic Cancer Coach for Women, a Licensed Occupational Therapist and a former Marriage & Family Therapist. She grew up playing the piano and the ukulele. Kim enjoyed performing for family and friends, as well as for her elementary school. More recently, Kim completed a course called, Beat The Odds through UCLA Arts & Healing & Remo Music, that taught her skills for leading drum circles for children.

Support Group for Moms — Yes, it’s all about YOU!

Time, TBD

As mothers, we find ourselves doing it all. On any given day we wear multiple hats. We are caretakers, nurses, teachers, playmates, chefs, couriers, cleaners, chauffeurs and shoppers and that is just for our own families! Many of us also hold jobs outside of the home to add to the mix. While being a mom is one the most rewarding and important positions we can hold, it is also the toughest one and it can naturally take its toll on us. In order to properly take care of the little ones we are entrusted with, it is so important that we take care of ourselves too, both physically and emotionally. This is where our group “All About Mom” comes in. We will meet together in a supportive, non-judgmental space and share our experiences and learn from one another in the company of a licensed therapist. Research has found that connecting with other moms increases one’s sense of efficacy and overall emotional stability. Some topics will include:

* Sharing your pregnancy journey, birth or adoption story
* The story of your baby’s name
* Physical recovery & intimacy
* Relationships with peers (old friends and new mom friends)
* Sharing parenting responsibilities
* Emotions associated with new motherhood, your relationship with your baby, expectations of oneself as a new mom
* Body Image- Will my body ever look the same again?
* Returning to work – or not
* Finding childcare
* Getting a break
* Exercise and taking care of your body while being a busy mom

Shana LutskyShana Lutsky (LCSW) is a therapist living in Los Angeles. Shana has worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District for the past 15 years. Having worked largely in a high school setting, her area of expertise is teenagers, teen issues, and their family dynamics. Shana is a mom of three boys–twin 8 year olds and a toddler. Over the past six years, drawing from her own experience, she has expanded her practice to include helping those struggling with pregnancy, post partum, moms navigating the world of multiples, and other mother related issues. She is deeply invested in helping mothers with this transition in their lives.