The price for membership is on a monthly basis and depends on how often you and your child (children) frequent the Clubhouse. Your membership is automatically renewed each month.

The Clubhouse Membership is comprised of three levels:

Orange Level= $160/month [(6-12 times per month, (up to 24 hours per month)]

Teal Level= $85/month [(1-6 times per month), (up to 12 hours per month)]

Promotional Level= $40/month [(1-4 times per month), (up to 8 hours per month)]- ONLY AVAILABLE FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH

*all memberships are on an auto renewal basis. If you need to cancel, please provide (1) week advance notice

A Day rate is available. The Day Pass is the price for the entire day and includes the entire family. The pricing for the Day Pass are as follows= $12/on the days when the Child Care Facilitator is there or $10/on the days without the Child Care Facilitator.

It is important to note that all adults must stay on site while the Clubhouse Hours are in session. Since we are not a licensed day-care facility, adults are required to stay on premises and can enjoy working or relaxing in the Adults Zone and/or shopping in the clothing boutique. Clubhouse Exchange also feels this is a wonderful time to create community & build friendships with other adults.

ALL Memberships include:

  • Child Care Professional to watch your child (1-6 years old) in the Kids Zone (the Child Facilitator will be at the Clubhouse three times per week, Mondays & Wednesdays from 1-3pm & Saturdays from 12-2pm)
  • Adults Zone – to work or just relax and unwind
  • Clubhouse Exchange Laundry Bag for your child’s closet
  • Impromptu Story time, Drum Circle, Puppet Show
  • Community Partner Discounts